Ohio Voters Unable to Scan Ballots, Told to ‘Come Back Later’ on Constitutional Issue Vote

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(Source) – Reports suggest ballot scanners in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio are not working – leaving voters unable to securely scan their completed ballot during today’s state-wide plebiscite that decides whether or not to amend the Ohio constitution. The issues appear similar to those faced by Republican, Kari Lake voters in Arizona’s Maricopa County last year.

Today’s Ohio amendment, if passed by a majority of voters, would change the state constitution to require future ballot-initiated amendments garner 60 percent of the vote in an election.

Ohio Republicans worry that without increasing the amendment threshold, radical abortion activists will be able to enshrine baby-killing rights into the state constitution during the November 7th elections. A pro-abortion amendment would allow for abortions to be procured in the state up to the point of fetal viability – the definition of viability is left up to each individual doctor meaning in some instances late term abortions up to the moment of birth.

Cuyahoga Falls, a city nestled between Cleveland and Akron, is considered a bellwether locality in Ohio, as the city maintains a fairly even partisan divide. Voters who are unable to scan their ballots are being told to…

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