Something’s gotta give in tense debt ceiling standoff

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(FOX) It’s unclear exactly where there’s a “court” for American presidents. What is equally vexing is the geo-position of a theoretical political “ball” which one could hypothetically volley into that presidential court.

But one thing is unambiguous.

It is, suffice to say, that after the House of Representatives narrowly approved a Republican plan to shave spending and lift the debt ceiling, the aforementioned “ball” is definitely rolling around in President Biden’s amorphous “court.”

The clichés about Mr. Biden’s disposition on the debt limit flow like a river. President Biden is now “on the clock.” To hear House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., tell it, the president has avoided him like the plague for three months on the debt ceiling. Hope springs eternal for President Biden and McCarthy’s May 9th huddle at the bargaining table.

Just once, I want to see this mythical “bargaining table…

Something’s gotta give in tense debt ceiling standoff | Fox News