Staff Admits Sen. Uncle Festerman Wants to Abolish the 2nd Amendment

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(Delaware Valley Journal) A special assistant to U.S. Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) was caught on tape saying he believes his boss would probably “be OK with overturning the Second Amendment” and “would prefer nobody have guns at all.”

Luke Borwegen is a Democratic operative who worked on Fetterman’s Senate campaign last year. He now serves as the senator’s “special assistant.” He was caught on tape by O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), a conservative news outlet founded by James O’Keefe, known for secretly taping political operatives and government employees.

In the new video released Tuesday (paywall), Borwegen is shown answering a series of questions from an unidentified interviewer over a meal in a restaurant. He talks about Fetterman’s favorable treatment from friendly reporters, who he describes as “puppets.” He also shares how Fetterman’s team has leveraged “access journalism” into positive press coverage.

“Do you know what access journalism is?” Borwegen asks his interviewer. “It’s like; reporters will tell any f***ing story their subject wants, as long as they get the interview.”

And that, he said, is how the Fetterman team chooses who gets access…

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