The B17CH is Back! hillary Puts biden on Notice for 2024: ‘I Feel Like I Could Do the Job’

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(Slay News) Hillary Clinton has told a foreign media outlet that she “could do the job” in response to questions regarding Democrat President Joe Biden’s age.

In a new interview with Sky News during her trip to Northern Ireland, Hillary took multiple swipes at President Donald Trump before commenting about her ability to do Biden’s job.

As Slay News reported earlier, Clinton told interviewer Beth Rigby that Trump “cannot… be re-elected president.”

“Next year, America goes to the polls,” anti-Trump Rigby said to Clinton.

“Donald Trump is running for president while under criminal indictment.

“This, the man who back in 2016 consistently accused you of law-breaking and actively encouraged chats of ‘lock her up,’ directed at you.

“It’s pretty ironic, isn’t it, that he’s now a former president that could face a jail term…

Hillary Clinton Puts Biden on Notice with 2024 Comments: ‘I Feel Like I Could Do the Job’ – Slay News