The Left’s Contract on America

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(PJ Media) There is a school of thought that progressives intend to destroy society one brick at a time in order to rebuild it according to their own twisted designs. And there is ample evidence of that mindset at work among progressive leadership. But being a child of ’60s liberals, who morphed into or were replaced by today’s leftists, I can tell you that there are those in the left-wing fold who honestly believe that any plan hatched by their side, no matter how absurd or dangerous is beneficial. This belief is spurred on in part by the origin of the ideas in question. In other words, “our side thought of it, so it must be beneficial.”

Another driver of bad ideas is that they are the polar opposite of what conservatives would do and thus inherently good. Leftism is also fueled by emotion and impulse. So if an idea meets the two criteria above and has the benefit of triggering a flood of emotion and endorphins, it is acceptable. How else would one explain the recent news out of Seattle? Namely, the revelation that the city has essentially abandoned treating drug addicts in favor of enabling them by providing them with all of the necessary supplies, in this case pipes.

Jason Rantz at KTTH notes that during a recent city council meeting, Councilwoman Sara Nelson asked public health workers how passing out drug paraphernalia to users reduces the harm done by…

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