The Rise of Virginia’s Political Importance

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(Padraig Martin, Identity Dixie) Over the past few weeks, in both interviews and through my writings, I have stated that the Republican nominee for 2024 cannot win the presidential election. My logic has nothing to do with an ideological message or the candidates themselves. This is merely about numbers. The electoral votes are no longer there for the GOP. However, I am wrong – but only by means of a longshot opportunity for whomever wins the Republican primary for presidential candidate. Virginia is now the only “swing” state for the possibility of a Republican president. The following is why and how this impacts a Trump candidacy.

In 2016, Donald Trump won the election by winning states previously considered impossible for Republican candidates – Michigan and Pennsylvania. In that year, he won all of the red states a Republican needed to win, as well as the “lean red” toss-up states. For the moment, I am going to ignore the very obvious election fraud that occurred in 2020 and simply focus on comparing numbers, but I will return to the subject of fraud. Trump’s 2016 victory was made possible by ensuring every Southern state except Virginia voted for him, as well as…

The Rise of Virginia’s Political Importance – Identity Dixie