Welcome to the Diversity and Socialism Recession

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(Amerika) As default looms on the horizon, you are going to hear a lot of non-solutions about how we can “fix” the problem of having spent ourselves into bankruptcy while letting our infrastructure and institutions rot. Only one solution exists, and that is ending the diversity and socialism that got us here.

In the West, we hide our socialism behind two terms: “mixed economy” and “entitlements.” A mixed economy is based in free markets but layers on high taxes to fund entitlements, or payments made directly to citizens. In turn, the economy adapts to the free stuff from government.

For example, when Walmart sees that most of its employees are living off of some kind of benefits (another term for entitlements) it adjusts its salaries downward to take into account the subsidy that these workers receive, since that is the new baseline.

Sort of like tare on a scale, the baseline appears in …

Welcome to the Diversity and Socialism Recession