While you struggle with inflation, smug elites say, ‘Let them eat cake!

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In the eyes of the elite, your sophistication level, not inflation, is the probem

(FOX) – The August CPI numbers were even hotter than the economic consensus expected (up 0.6% for the month, the biggest monthly increase of the year), showing inflation to be a persistent issue for Americans.

Regardless of the reported figures, which we know have been manipulated formulaically several times since the 1980s, Americans are struggling with food, housing, gas and other energy costs, and the general cost of living.

The concerns are real and they are valid – perhaps except to those who run in elite circles. From Nobel Prize-winning economists to college professors pulling down six-figure salaries, while you grapple with the price of groceries, they say, “Let them eat cake.”

Take New York Times economist Paul Krugman. He has been flummoxed by the average American’s response to inflation. Looking through his academic lens, he has been posting on social media about his apparent confusion on why voters aren’t absolutely thrilled with the economy…

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