With The Barbarians In The Gates, We May Need Our Own Barbarians

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(Huck Davenport, American Thinker) If you have failed to realize we are living through the most significant social, economic, and political revolution in history, it can only be by a herculean effort in self-deception. So powerful is man’s ability “to thrust aside what they do not desire,” is it any wonder history is replete with catastrophes born of those who would substitute hope for reason?

On the Ides of March, Caesar, by ignoring the soothsayer’s pleas, brought about his death, decades of civil war, and the fall of the Roman Republic. Constantine XI thought the walls of Constantinople were impregnable against the sword of Allah, but on the morning of March 29th, 1453, Christendom in the East came to a bloody and unspeakably brutal end. And after meeting with a genocidal madman, Chamberlain proclaimed “peace in our time” with an appeasement that would leave 85 million dead and end the British Empire.

In the latter case, mercifully, a country with immense resources, shared values, and the unwavering moral courage needed to save the world from a tyranny hellbent on racially purifying and enslaving the globe was still standing. That nation exists today, but only in name. As Thucydides warned, it is “men who make the city and not walls nor ships without men.” Indeed, it was the men of the Greatest Generation that manned the ships that saved the world, and they too are gone, and worse, forgotten.

What makes today’s revolution different is the unholy coalescence of inconceivable powerful, yet wholly corrupt institutions; unimaginable technological capability; and the systematic indoctrination of the most depraved ideology the world has ever known.

That our institutions are corrupt and untrustworthy is beyond doubt. The CDC…

With The Barbarians In The Gates, We May Need Our Own Barbarians – American Thinker