A Confederate veteran-turned-lawman shot the deadliest gunfighter in the Old West

(Some say Selman shot JW Hardin in the back of the head and it wasn’t a fair fight. I say it was excellent judgement. No one ever survived giving Hardin a chance. El Paso was not a Roy Rogers movie and there are no rules in a gunfight – DD)

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(We Are the Mighty) – Sometimes, it takes a criminal to catch a criminal; that’s how John Selman managed to draw down on the Old West’s deadliest gunfighter and put a slug in his head. Before he became famous as a lawman, however, Selman cut his teeth on the battlefields of the Civil War, wearing Confederate gray.

As a veteran of a defeated army, he headed west and became an officer of the law in Texas before turning to a life of crime and rejoining the side of law and order once again. One night, the infamous outlaw John Wesley Hardin went to the Acme Saloon in El Paso, giving Selman the chance to live forever in Old West lore.

John Selman was 22 years old when the Civil War broke out. Although not a Texas native, that’s where he lived when the fighting started, so he decided to stay true to his home state and joined the 22nd Texas Cavalry Regiment. The 22nd fought Union troops in Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana, fighting for the duration of the war, but at some point…

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