Confederate General Street Signs Removed from Round Hill Neighborhood

(Remember this is the same part of Virginia that goes so far as to excuse bathroom rapes of little girls in public schools. This should make all that go away. NOT… – DD)

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(Loudoun Now) – A county crew worked their way through the Hillwood Estates neighborhood in Round Hill this morning to install new street signs that erase 1960s tributes to Confederate generals from the Civil War.

The change resulted from a broader Board of Supervisors effort starting in 2020 to remove place names associated with the Confederacy, segregation and slavery throughout the county.

Vandals—or collectors—gave the workers a bit of a head start. In recent weeks, several signs on Lee and Jackson streets were removed from their posts.

Effective Aug. 2, those streets are now known as Turtle Hill Drive and Honeybee Avenue.

An area resident who stopped to take a photo of the new signs minutes after they were posted said, “Oh look, we’ve moved. Not really,” before pulling into her driveway on Turtle Hill.

New street names on Early Avenue (Earlybird), Hampton Road (Cinnamon Fern), Pickett Road (Broken Arrow) and Longstreet Avenue (Piper Run) also were changed in the subdivision.

Two street names were not…

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