Confederate Ghosts Linger in VA. There’s a few folks around Fairfax SD that could use a good Haunting!

(Hmmm. Maybe they’re not happy with what has been done to their people and their homeland? Just sayin… – DD)

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Tales of Sightings: Why do they linger?

(Cheryl E Preston) – The ghosts of Confederate soldiers linger in Virginia as tales of sightings continue to be told. In the early 2000s, my daughter K. Preston and her ex-husband D. Bowles told us a fascinating tale during the time they were dating. You may have read this in other articles but plays a role in this story. They went on a hiking trail at Greenhill Park in Salem. Shortly after they got out of the vehicle they each had a paranormal encounter.

My daughter said she heard what sounded like horses galloping by and Dustin told her they needed to get back to the car. Once inside he said that he had seen Confederate soldiers riding by like a scene from a movie but heard no sound. There was no interaction but it was as if he got a glimpse of the past. This is called a residual haunting where something that happened long ago continues to replay.

There was a nearby Battle of Hanging Rock and soldiers traveled through the mountains from Lynchburg to the location so perhaps the teenagers saw and heard what happened at that time. Confederate soldier ghosts have been reported to be seen in…

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