Confederate monument staying put in St. Landry Parish for now

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(KATC) – A Confederate monument in the St. Landry Parish Courthouse Square is staying put for now.

This follows a parish council vote in April 2022 to remove the monument because of rising concerns over what some in the community consider symbolic of a problematic past.

According to the parish council’s legal counsel Garrett Duplechain, the fact there was no deadline to move the monument in that April 2022 resolution is holding up the removal process. Still, Duplechain says there’s more to consider, as the resolution also calls for the monument to be donated to either the United Daughters of the Confederacy or the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In the meantime, Duplechain tells KATC it starts with the cost and logistics of moving the monument into the possession of either group. Duplechain says the parish is currently deciding between contractors to do the job, some offering to do so for free. Others, however, are offering to do so for an unknown cost.

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