He taught Jack Daniel to make whiskey

(I grew up around a lot of older gentlemen who kept food on the table during the hard times by running a still. Most all of them would tell you that making whiskey was hot and nasty, but wasn’t all that difficult. It was making good whiskey that took skill and hard work. – DD)

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Nearest Green, Tennessee slave and master distiller

(Kerry Byrne, Yahoo News) – Nathan Nearest Green rose from the inhumanity of slavery to lift American spirits around the world.

Green lived in bondage in the years before the Civil War. He operated a farmhouse distillery for minister slave owner and grocery-store operator Dan Call in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

It was there that the middle-aged African American distiller taught a poor, hardworking and curious pre-teen Scots-Irish boy named Jack Daniel how to make whiskey on a barnyard still in backwoods America.

That boy opened Jack Daniel’s Distillery in 1866. He hired Green, newly emancipated a year earlier, as the operation’s first master distiller.

“We think there was a special bond between Jack and Nearest and Jack and Nearest’s family,” Jack Daniel’s historian Nelson Eddy told Fox News Digital.

Green’s descendants have worked at the distillery since its inception — they still help produce the whiskey today, more than 150 years later…

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