“Hellmira” civil war prison camp to build replica stockade

(I’m sure this will eventually get shut down as revisionism by the cultural-marxists. They don’t want this story getting out and muddling their benevolent yankee savior narrative – DD)

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(WETM) – A 12-foot-high replica stockade fence will be going up at the former site of Camp Rathbun on Windsor Avenue, more commonly known as “Hellmira.”

“It will be a 12 foot high wall, and it will have a parapet for the garden mounts and we’re thinking anywhere between a 40 to 50 foot section of it,” said Douglas Oakes, a board member of the ‘Friends of the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp,’ a volunteer group working to educate people about the history of the camp.

From 1864 to 1865, the original stockade surrounded about 40 acres, where a more than 12,000 confederate soldiers were held as prisoners. From training to recruiting, Elmira at the time was playing a key role in the North’s war effort.

The existing prisons overflowed and we ended up with the overflow,” said Terri Olszowy, a board member of ‘Friends of the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp.’

Some of the prisoners were housed in 30 former barracks buildings, that could hold about 100 men each. The rest were housed in standard army issued tents. Nearly 3,000 soldiers did not survive a particularly harsh winter, and outbreak of disease.

“We have soldiers who are coming up from the deep South,” said Olszowy. “While they do have winters and cold weather down there. This was a bit extreme. It was extreme for the locals. When you think about it, chronic diarrhea and dysentery today are easily fixed with medications that were not available, the same thing with smallpox.”

“The problem is…

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