Local pastors petition Fiscal Court to remove Confederate statue on courthouse grounds (KY)

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(Source) – A group of Jessamine County pastors is working to remove and relocate the Confederate statue on the front lawn of the Jessamine County Courthouse.

The pastors are advocating to keep the statue intact and move it to Maple Grove Cemetery, a white cemetery where many Civil War soldiers are buried.

The statue, erected in 1896, was initially depicted as a Union soldier, and according to the Winchester Sun, was only changed when a Southern heritage group bought the statue and altered it slightly so that the statue soldier’s knapsack and belt buckle depicted the Confederate States of America emblem.

The 18-foot-tall statue faces Main Street as if to welcome residents and visitors to the county. It also faces Nichoalsville’s historically Black neighborhood, Hervey Town. The removal of this statue is no recent effort. The diverse group of spiritual leaders has been building fellowship between each other and discussing the statue -and the topic of anti-Blackness- since…

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