Mississippi senator wants Confederate state flag back because ‘our people fought and died under that flag’

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(Yahoo News) A Republican state senator wants Mississippi to re-adopt its old, Confederate-themed state flag, which it abandoned in 2020 after decades spent trying to change the design, a symbol critics said was an overt celebration of the state’s white supremacist past.

New Albany senator Kathy Chism was filmed at a June political rally telling audience members the state should reinstate its old banner, which was designed in 1894 and incorporated a Confederate cross, because “a lot of our people fought and died under that flag,” according to video obtained by the Mississippi Free Press.

Ms Chism, who opposed the 2020 effort to replace the flag via ballot initiative with a new design featuring the state’s iconic magnolia blossoms, also critcised Mississippi lieutenant governor Delbert Hosemann, a fellow Republican, for his role in the flag debate.

She accused him of sabotaging efforts to…

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