‘Woke’ Name List Narrows for Savanna’s Calhoun Square renaming

(Guess just how many white Southerners are on that list. – DD)

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(Savannah Morning News) – The square formerly known as Calhoun Square, the southernmost square on Abercorn Street, is one meeting closer to receiving its new name.

On August 3, the Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission’s Historic Site and Monument Commission heard the 14 applications and the commission staff’s recommendations for the square names and whittled that list down. This board didn’t, and won’t, make the ultimate call: That is left up to Savannah City Council at its Aug. 24 meeting.

This meeting was the second of three opportunities for public comments, the first at the Park and Tree Commission and the next at the Aug. 24 city council meeting.

The commission members each voted by picking their five top names. Susie King Taylor, a nurse and educator, received four votes, as did Major Clayton Carpenter (aviator) and Creek (Indigenous nations), while Seven Sisters (historic preservationists) and W.W. Law (civil rights leader) received three each.

Savannah City Council will receive these recommendations…

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