Should a Florida state park still honor the Confederacy? Calls for change go unheard

(Oh, We’re listening. They just don’t wanna hear the answer – DD)

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(MSN News) In 2023, the Gamble Plantation near Bradenton remains a romantic postcard to the Old South, where slavery is glossed over.

On a sunny spring day at a state park in Florida, the United Daughters of the Confederacy threw a government-sponsored fundraiser.

A poster for the 61st annual Gamble Plantation Spring Open House promised “fun, excitement and learning for the whole family.” It was emblazoned with a Confederate flag.

Another flier from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection offered a chance to “travel back to the Old South.”

On March 5, cars packed into the lot of the Judah P. Benjamin Confederate Memorial at Gamble Plantation Historic State Park near Bradenton.

Visitors wandered the grounds of the oldest building in Manatee County, where historical reenactors in 19th century period costume stood about.

“I Wish I Was in Dixie” rang out on a…

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