Smearing a Dead Horse: Conservatives Are Mad That Robert E. Lee’s Dead Horse Has Been Canceled

(It is not just ‘Far-right critics.’ This author attempts to paint everyone who is upset about the erasure of Southern history with his propaganda brush and excuse W&L’s actions… – DD)

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(The Daily Beast) – Far-right critics have railed against Washington and Lee University for submitting to “cancel culture” after the school removed plaques commemorating a Confederate-era horse that’s been dead and long-forgotten for over 150 years.

The horse’s legacy had been so insignificant that even conservatives admitted it wasn’t a “major” historical figure.

University officials removed two markers dedicated to the memory of Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller, in July, The College Fix reported. Lee was Traveller’s saddled companion during and after the Civil War, and the horse died a few months after the president of the Confederacy’s death in 1871.

According to a July press release from Washington and Lee, the first plaque was on a stable, which was said to be Traveller’s last home. The other marker was a gravestone for the horse which was buried near the University Chapel, also the burial site for Lee and a national landmark. (Both markers dedicated to Traveller were donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.) Two other plaques that commemorated where Lee took the university’s presidential oath of office and where his office was located were also removed.

“Over the past several years, Washington and Lee’s Board of Trustees…

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