The ‘Native’ Ugly American

(Cultural-marxists and government-supremacists celebrating their short lifespans as useful idiots. They really should have read further to find out what always happens to them when their ‘revolutions’ succeed. Hint: It ain’t pretty – DD)

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(Civil War Chat) – The Ugly American is one of our country’s most influential novels. In terms of political impact, it rivals Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Sinclair’s The Jungle. Published in 1958 it discloses how America’s diplomatic corps in Southeast Asia was heading to a disaster only five years later that would become known as The Vietnam War. Even though some of the novel’s characters are committed to the local people, many are incompetent and out of touch with the people they are trying to help. The term “ugly American” has since mutated into an expression of the boorishness and insensitive parochialism by Americans abroad.

Now, sixty-five years later, American Northerners are fleeing their native states to resettle the South. Like the novel’s characters, they arrive ignorant—even disdainful—of the local idioms, culture, and customs. Worse they refuse to integrate into their new society. Instead, they demand that it be transformed into the Northerner’s idealized standard and adopt his corrupted beliefs about the South. That is why the national media crudely mistook one of the ropes commonly used to pull down garage doors at a NASCAR event for a KKK hangman’s noose. Due to the Northerners’ biased imagination and gigantic political influence, the FBI devoted almost twenty agents to the investigation.

Confederate statues removals are another example of the Native Ugly American’s transgressions. Six years ago, a hundred-year-old memorial depicting two ordinary Confederates was removed from our local county courthouse. During the abrupt public hearings, removal proponents were bussed into town from elsewhere, whereas residents were given only the briefest notice. The outsiders did not know…

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