The Real Bridge To Nowhere

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(Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent) – Sam Dickson made a remark at the latest Amren conference that stuck with me.

In his speech, Sam brought up the last days of the Soviet Union. He talked about a Hungarian couple who were nobles and exiles who lived in Florida during the Cold War. Sam’s friends had an unshakeable conviction that the Soviet Union would ultimately fail because the communist dream wasn’t based on reality. I recall him saying something to the effect that communism failed when the people of the Soviet Union and its satellites came to believe that they were on “a road to nowhere.” The contradiction between the official ideology and material reality became too large to sustain the faith in the system.

It occurred to me that we are living through a similar moment with the American faith in multiracial liberal democracy. The Great Disappointment of the Obama presidency shattered the illusion that America was on the cusp of reaching the millenarian “postracial” paradise the liberal establishment set out to achieve in the 1950s and 1960s. Toward the end of the Obama era, frustration and disappointment began to curdle into anger and rage which…

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