Williamson Co. (TX) Monument Defender Trial Ends in Acquittal

(There’s a lot more behind this story than the article implies. The jury saw that. Be careful out there. Always conduct yourself with dignity and respect. And above all document/film everything. It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you. – DD)

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Man accused of assaulting elderly man near WilCo Confederate statue cleared by jury

A trial surrounding a confederate monument in downtown Georgetown comes to a close after more than two years.

(Fox 7, Austin) – A trial surrounding a confederate monument in downtown Georgetown closed after more than two years Tuesday. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict.

According to court documents, a man claimed he went up to the Confederate statue to read its inscription in April 2021.

That’s when he said he was shoved into a sitting position by a man dressed in a Confederate uniform, and then he ripped his mask off.

“That was about it,” said Jim Ellinger, who caught the interaction on video. “It was a very minor scuffle. No injuries, and it was just as quick as it started.”

Shortly after, an arrest warrant went out for the man in uniform, Lee Radar Wallace. It claims he assaulted an elderly person.

Ellinger, who was reporting on the trial for his group, Austin Airwaves, was asked to testify.

“I step out the door, and a police detective puts a subpoena in my hand,” said Ellinger. “Totally surprised me. I had no idea.”

After hearing from witnesses and watching the video, a jury concluded the incident was not assault.

“They were not out very long…

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