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(The Virginia Flaggers) The Amherst NAACP chapter recently wrote the county board of supervisors a letter asking that it address a Confederate monument on the Amherst courthouse grounds.

Brook Vandervelde, representing the local NAACP chapter, read from the letter during the public comments portion of the board’s May 16 meeting. She described the plaque’s language honoring the “noble cause” ideology of the South during the Civil War as a “throwback to an era of an institutionalized racism” that is painful for a large portion of county residents.

“This county must not even seem to be contributing to its survival in our time,” Vandervelde said.

The plaque states the Ladies of the Dr. John Thompson Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected the monument in 1922.

The wording on the plaque states: “To the memory of The Sons of Amherst County, who from 1861 to 1865 upheld…

The Virginia Flaggers: Amherst County Va NAACP Demands Monument Removal