Arlington: My Remarks to the Committee

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(HK Edgerton) To not listen to and heed the passionate pleads from the some thirty individuals from across America on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 to not remove the Reconciliation Memorial Shrine and headstone of its Jewish architect would shatter and bring into doubt the tout that America is the greatest Country in the world.

For many of us who have fought in the public square and have attended public mandated hearings…a process that government says must be presented to the people with full knowledge that a decision has already been made and is just a formality that the State says must be undertaken. However, something on this day changed!

I have no idea what the Chairman of this subcommittee will report to the full Advisory Committee for Arlington National Cemetery.

However, I do know that the people who came on this day to stand with their Shrine brought the hour of reconciliation once again…

Arlington: My Remarks to the Committee