Butthurt Libs don’t like Confederate monument in Eureka Springs AR Cemetery

A new Confederate obelisk stands on an empty gravesite in Eureka Springs city cemetery.

(Eureka has long been a yankee quarantine facility! Try to ‘Cancel one of their ‘Diversity’ billboards and you’ll hear them scream ‘Free Speech!’ If they hadn’t been removing flags fro veterans graves there probably wouldn’t be a monument there for them to whine about – DD)

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(Carrol Co. News) – Despite a recent call from a city councilman for members of the Eureka Springs Cemetery Commission to resign, commissioners took no action other than voicing their opinions regarding a controversial topic at their June 14 regular meeting.

Council member Harry Meyer told a regional radio program that he would like to see cemetery commission members step down after the recent discovery of a 15-foot tall obelisk honoring Confederate soldiers that was allowed to be erected at the city cemetery.

“All I can say is I would love to have our cemetery commission just resign over this,” Meyer said on Ozarks at Large, a weekday program and podcast on Fayetteville- based National Public Radio station KUAF. The report added that Meyer said the commission “should have blocked installation of what he describes as a monument to white supremacy in their town burial ground.”

The radio piece, which is available online, was done by reporter Jacqueline Froelich, and included comments from Meyer, Eureka Springs Mayor Butch Berry and former cemetery groundskeeper and sexton Patrick Lujan.

The obelisk, a stone pillar typically set up as a monument or landmark, was built on a lot purchased by…

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