Colonial Williamsburg Grapples With Race, Lesbians, Political Correctness

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(Brenda Hafera, Real Clear Wire) Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum, a reconstructed freezeframe of life in the 18th century. Employees wander about the town clothed in appropriate attire or situate themselves as silversmiths or bookbinders, teaching skills long dispelled from modern memory. Many of the houses are open for tours that explain their significance or that of their former residences.

But while visitors will leave with knowledge of British history and what life was like during the 18th century, they won’t hear much about the accomplishments of those who led the American Revolution. Lost is a clear articulation of Williamsburg’s story, of what happened there, and how it fits into the great American story.

Colonial Williamsburg delivers much in the form of tours and artistic performances, with a wide range of content. The sheer volume of programming is impressive, and many of the offerings alter with the season. This analysis focuses on what the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation recommends for the first-time visitor: touring…

Colonial Williamsburg Grapples With Political Correctness | RealClearWire