Cost of erasing our history way higher than $39M price tag

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(Buck Torske, Leader Call) Just about when I thought I’d covered everything, something else came along. Bang! A trip to the old Facebook and here’s more stupid wokeism we’re getting … and paying for. This time it’s our illustrious fearless leadership over at the Pentagon.

Our country’s history being erased. Oh, the land’s still here — the mountains and plains, streams and rivers and oceans roll onto the beaches. But what’s made us a country is disappearing. What gives identity and purpose, a focus and a reason to look at ourselves and say, “I’m an American,” is being scrubbed, sanitized, rewritten and distorted. The things that form our ideas of who we are and make us think and strive to become that “more perfect union” – or even think this is a country worthy of striving for — are being taken from us.

Over the past several years, we’ve watched statues and monuments of notable historical figures toppled, defaced or removed from our public view. Washington, Jefferson — even Old Abe Lincoln — were deemed an affront to many in this nation.

Now, not only disaffected Leftists and their manufactured victim mobs, but our government has decided to dismiss…

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