East Belfast (Ireland) resident defends flying Confederate flag outside his home

(The forces of PC and woke are determined that Dixie should be erased from the earth. Just like they tried to erase the Irish over the centuries. Tyrants are all the same crowd. Nowhere is safe from these people… – DD)

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(Irish News) – An east Belfast resident has defended flying a Confederate Flag from outside his home on the Cregagh Road.

The ‘stars and bars’ flag was erected on a large white pole outside the property, which faces the Orange Order museum.

Featuring seven stars on a blue background and with red and white stripes, it was one of the earlier symbols adopted by the Confederate states who supported slavery during the American Civil War.

While the so-called ‘battle flag’, with a red background and blue cross, has become the most recognisable symbol of the Confederacy, the different incarnations of the flag are still a major source of controversy in the United States.

Objecting to the appearance of the flag on the Cregagh Road, one passerby questioned if it was a protest against the recent unveiling of a statue of Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist leader who was born into slavery, in Belfast City Centre.

Speaking to The Irish News at his home, Andrew Boyd (44) denied any suggestion that the flag was meant to be offensive.

“It’s not the battle flag, it’s the original flag from when the seven states broke away from the United States…

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