Eureka Springs Monument Is Here to Stay! Libs Butthurt

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(Dixie Drudge) – The Eureka Springs Cemetery Monument is hear to stay and the Kalifornia immigrant community can’t stand it! Eureka has long been a haven for ex-hippies, but now they like to try and run roughshod over the locals. In fact the only thing they might hate more than the Passion Play or the gigantic Christ of the Ozarks statue are the local people and our backwards ways. They had little luck with the Christian attractions and have tried to tax and price out the locals with mixed success.

According to Jacqueline Froelich, an Ozarks at Large SJW on KUAF: “City Councilman Harry Meyer, contacted me in early June, alarmed by the installation. The reason he contacted me is because a few years ago I reported that a local resident, Koltin Massie, had been installing perpetual Confederate flags on numerous (Confederate Veteran) graves in the cemetery. Massie is Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Seaborn Jones Cotten Camp in Eureka Springs. In 2021, the cemetery commission passed a rule to allow the flags to remain, unless a descendent requests removal. Today, rebel flags are planted all over the cemetery. Massie’s new endeavor, this obelisk, appears to be an escalation. On it, he attached a round metal plaque, the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America, and another metal medallion to mark United Confederate Veterans. Turns out Massie deeded a plot of land in the cemetery to erect the monument. I queried him in early June, and he emailed me a statement saying the $10,000 monument commemorates Carroll County Confederates who served and died in the Civil War. In a subsequent media interview, however, he claimed the monument honors both Confederate and Union soldiers.”

Froelich and council members lamented that grave markers are protected under the 1st Amendment. That pesky Constitution again!

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