Gutless Wonder: Republican Lawmaker Says He Filed Confederate Flag Legislation ‘In Error’

(One more in the “with ‘friends’ like these” theme of the day – DD)

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(Newsweek) A Republican lawmaker in Florida has said he filed “in error” an amendment that would allow the flying of the Confederate flag.

State Senator Jay Collins shared a statement to Twitter on Wednesday, attributed to spokesperson Ted Veerman, which strongly denied that the retired U.S. Army Green Beret was a “confederate sympathizer.”

The statement added that the legislation had been withdrawn.

The Confederate flag is seen by many as a symbol of slavery and racism as it was used by the Confederate States during the U.S. Civil War of 1861 to 1865.

Collins had filed in the state senate an amendment, SB 668, that provided a list of flags that would be permitted to be displayed by Florida’s governmental entities, such as counties, special districts, departments and public schools.

The legislation said government entities “may expose to public view only the following flags in and on the grounds of public buildings and other public properties”.

The list included the “flag of the Confederate States,” as well as

Republican Lawmaker Says He Filed Confederate Flag Legislation ‘In Error’