Hot Springs’ (NC) considers ‘options’ on stolen Robert E. Lee plaque: Replace with duplicate or honor Cherokee, Nelson

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(Citizen Times) After a plaque honoring a Confederate general was stolen off its monument in March 2022, the Hot Springs Town Board has been mulling options on what to do with the bare monument – including whether to replace the plaque with a replica or to go in a different direction.

For more than a year, Alderman Jimmy Moore has been working to have the Robert E. Lee Dixie Highway marker replaced, including working with Mayor Abby Norton in June 2022 to determine who has legal rights to the land.

According to Moore, the town has always maintained the monument, which was donated by the Rumbough sisters in 1926.

Moore said he would like to see a replica plaque installed and is currently in the process of attaining contact information for a plaque supplier.

Additionally, Moore said he would like to see added security measures taken at the monument, located at 311 U.S. 25/70, near Hot Springs Elementary School.

“I’d like to see extra lighting and cameras in that whole area and a fence be put around the property,” Moore said. “I’m waiting on…

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