Keep the Cabaruss County (NC) Confederate Memorial, stop taking our freedoms

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(Independent Tribune) This is a free country and our forefathers fought for us to have this right and I for one am against the removal of the monument.

There were 42,000 North Carolina soldiers that fought and many died for reasons other than slavery.

The Monument was dedicated May 5, 1892, and was sponsored by the Ladies Memorial Association of Concord. The cost was $900.00

This was a memorial to the men who gave their lives and lived in Cabarrus County. Many of them were farmers, as were most of my Confederate Ancestors.

My Great Great Grandfather died as a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware. Should I go up there and demand that all Monuments be removed as it is offensive to me?

I was born in Cabarrus County and proud of my heritage and the County has managed to grow and prosper right along with the Monument in front of the Court House. We have lived in harmony for at least the 82 years I have been living.

Who would think a Monument would deter anyone from opening a business or moving to Cabarrus County?

The Monument is a memorial to the DEAD that were…

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