Lawsuit likely would follow City Council vote to relocate Milledgeville Confederate monument

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(Baldwin2K) Two different Macon television stations recently took their turns with the Milledgeville Confederate monument story.

NBC Channel 41 reported that “City council is expected to vote on the issue within the next 40 days,” while CBS Channel 13 quoted Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan as saying that “this is a state statute type limitation and we’re still waiting on our council to advise us on how to handle this situation.”

Also interviewed by both Macon stations was Martin O’Toole, a statewide spokesperson for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. O’Toole strongly indicated to Channel 13 that a lawsuit would follow a Milledgeville City Council vote to relocate the monument to a museum or a cemetery.

“From the statewide viewpoint, we defer to the local members. So, if the Milledgeville Chapter decides that there’s a place where they’d be satisfied with it, that’ll be fine with us. If they move it as the NAACP and according to news reports suggested, to a museum or a cemetery, that’s against the law and they will be sued for it,” he told Channel 13…

Lawsuit likely would follow City Council vote to relocate Confederate monument | Baldwin2K