North Carolina could help fund restoration of earthworks at Fort Fisher

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(Gareth McGrath, Star News) The most visited state historic site in North Carolina could soon be getting a second financial shot in the arm from Raleigh.

State Rep. Ted Davis Jr., R-New Hanover, has introduced a bill that would provide an additional $2.9 million for renovations to the Fort Fisher Historic Site at the southern tip of New Hanover County.

If approved by legislators and signed by Gov. Roy Cooper, this batch of money would be used to rebuild three of the Civil War-era fort’s earthworks that housed a telegraph office, field hospital, living quarters and ammunition storage depots.

The state funds would be matched by a $1 million donation from the Friends of Fort Fisher.

Fort Fisher played a vital role during the war between the states. The Confederate fort was key to keeping Wilmington’s port open as a lifeline for the South, especially after the Union blockaded and seized most of the Confederacy’s other ports. Union troops twice tried to seize Fort Fisher, failing in December 1864 before eventually succeeding less than a month later. The Civil War ended soon after the fort’s fall.

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