Open letter to Faith Fourth sponsors (NC)

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(Steve Poteat, Salisbury Post) In recent years, the town of Faith has come under fire from a hostile “cancel culture” group peddling an anti-Southern heritage campaign. The campaign was and is aimed mainly at citizens who are descendants of North Carolina veterans and the nationally recognized nonprofit civic group Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). In response, other nationally recognized veterans’ organizations and the town of Faith stood up and said all upstanding citizens and groups are welcome. The Faith Fourth events continue to stand steadfast and inclusive to all by allowing the full and legal participation of the SCV and many diverse groups from the Rowan County area.

Not getting the response that “cancel culture” demands, the hate group then aimed at the sponsors of the Faith Fourth events. Using the same tired tropes, they seek to label or threaten anyone who does not bow to their demands as a racist or white supremacist. Some sponsors ran scared, and at least one withdrew sponsorship while claiming inclusion as one of their values. Ironically, one of those sponsors has already been found guilty of illegally firing an employee simply because of the color of his skin; the employee was white. One doesn’t successfully end real or imaginary discrimination with more prejudice and eliminating people and free speech from the public square.

The SCV is a hereditary civic organization open to all male descendants of Confederate veterans who served honorably regardless of ethnicity, race, or religious creed. We reject hate of any kind. The SCV has consistently opposed the use of the Confederate Battle Flag by individuals and organizations pursuing political agendas or seeking to discriminate against individuals or groups.

The SCV raises money for the conservation and preservation of historical artifacts; identifies, preserves and marks the graves of Confederate veterans; preserves memorials to veterans and military units; supports museums; preserves battlefields threatened by development; and educates children and adults about

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