Renaming military assets: Censoring history will undermine America

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(Christian Post) Since January, multiple historic military bases have been renamed. According to the Small Wars Journal: “Calls to rename military bases and other military assets began in earnest after the 2020 murder of George Floyd … The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act called for a commission to identify military assets that commemorate the Confederacy. As a result of the commission’s report to Congress, the services are moving to rename nine Army posts, two Navy ships, and remove or modify a host of monuments and tributes to the Confederacy.”

Most of us were witnesses to the 2020 tearing down of memorials, from Confederate statues to founding father statues. Regardless and despite applauding media, during the height of the unrest the clear majority of Americans were against renaming bases.

Unfortunately, base renaming is now back in vogue. I would like to offer a personal perspective on why this decision is not only demoralizing but why it involves contradictions and a political agenda to undermine the nation.

Having spent my Army career in the Infantry, I lived a total of almost seven years at the traditional “Home of the Infantry,” Fort Benning, now renamed Ft. Moore. Two of my three children were born there. My father, grandfather and I went through Airborne school at Benning, and my father and I also went through Ranger school at “Benning.” We are only one of thousands of such families with this kind of personal connection to the post. While changing these names at a cost of over $60 million, the Army is facing the greatest recruiting crisis in history, with many Army families losing faith due to the propagation of…

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