The Beautiful Losers

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(Identity Dixie) Beautiful Loser Syndrome (BLS) is when someone does something that they know will result in defeat because to do otherwise would allegedly violate their moral principles. “I’d rather lose than win by playing dirty,” is the often the refrain. Sufferers of BLS pride themselves on things like “sticking to their guns” and “taking the moral high ground.” Many of them imagine themselves as the type of person who may not agree with what someone says but will defend to the death their right to say it. In other words, it’s capitulating but being a snob about it. Given that you are a reader of this fine and august website, you’re intelligent enough to have already surmised that I’m talking about the Grand Old Party.

BLS is most often present when the person in question believes they are operating in hypothetical terms and realms, is lazy, a coward, or a liar who uses BLS as a pose. One of my most well-worn hobby horses is that when a group of people is doing something, there is generally some mix of motivations. Even at the individual level, someone can have multiple reasons for doing something, although one may weigh more heavily than others.

When it comes to those people who think they’re dealing purely in hypotheticals, they treat politics like a debate between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris. Nothing about either of their lives is really going to change based on the debate outcome, barring a couple days where clips of the debate get passed around niche social media platforms. They see it as verbal jousting with a friend, as opposed to making decisions about the lives other people.

The GOP does the exact same thing with…

The Beautiful Losers – Identity Dixie