Told You Renaming Wasn’t Enough for the anti-Southern Bigots and #GovernmentSupremacist Crowd

(An outright anti-Southern propaganda article here, directed at the warrior class and their wannabees. Renaming will never be enough to suit them. The only reason they aren’t killing us in the streets already is that someone has to pay the bills for all their shite. None of their pets work for a living, so… – DD)

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The Shame of Liberty: How the Lazy, Safe Renaming of Fort Bragg Wasted an Opportunity

(Military.Com) – The renaming of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, mandated by Congress and formalized in a ceremony in June, was an opportunity to remind not only the installation’s current and future troops and families, but also the country, of the social value of our Army. In selecting the name “Liberty,” the Pentagon wasted an opportunity.

The shedding of the base’s Confederate namesake was appropriate and overdue and the Department of Defense should be lauded for its aggressive movement. The installation’s leadership had an opportunity to name the post after a legendary figure from its grand heritage. The editorial board of the Fayetteville Observer, the daily local paper that has been covering Fort Bragg since its inception, advocated for “Fort Ridgway.”

Gen. Matthew Ridgway’s role in the desegregation of United Nations forces fighting in Korea, a move that was remarkably unpopular with soldiers and generals across the Army, remains an underexamined moment in American history. It was a bold move that had momentous ramifications for society at large for decades to come. The process shamed the Army into belatedly and begrudgingly acting on President Harry Truman’s military desegregation order of 1948. The ceremonial process of renaming one of the nation’s most celebrated bases could have brought Ridgway’s courageous decision into current discussion, even if just for a brief moment.

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