7 Ways Non-Texans Can Advance #TEXIT (and help YOUR State too!)

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(TNM) – The Texas Nationalist Movement and the TEXIT campaign have resonated with many people beyond the borders of the Lone Star State. If you’re a non-Texan who believes in the principles of self-determination and independence, you can contribute to the cause in several ways. Here are some actions you can take to support the TEXIT campaign from wherever you are.

1) Advocate for State Sovereignty Legislation

Promoting legislation that upholds the right of any state to peacefully withdraw from the federal union is a powerful way to support TEXIT. This involves understanding your state’s legislative process, identifying sympathetic legislators, and advocating for the introduction of such legislation. You can write letters, make phone calls, or request meetings with your representatives to express your support for such legislation. By doing so, you’re not only supporting Texas but also reinforcing the principle of state sovereignty across the…

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