All Roads Lead To: “Ron Paul Was Right”

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(Alan Stevo, LewRockwell.Com) …On this, Ron Paul’s 87th birthday, I want to speak a phrase that is hard to say too often: “Ron Paul was right.”
If you will allow me the liberty of a few moments to explain why I write that, I will share with you some of the experiences of my life that have repeatedly pointed back to Ron Paul’s ability to understand the times in which we live…
The Founder Of The Tea Party Movement
By December 2007, the Tea Party movement was in full swing and it was 100% due to the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul. I should know because I was one of the organizers of the first Tea Party gathering of the contemporary Tea Party movement. As such, I got to watch Ron Paul’s role in the formation of that movement from 2006 to the present. The role of Ron Paul was so pronounced in the founding of the Tea Party movement that it even cuts a path to the presidency for Donald Trump in 2016.
In 2007, Trevor Lyman, made a website inviting people to “bomb” the Paul campaign with money on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party — December 16, 2007. That we did.
There were also hundreds of “Tea Party” events held that day with hundreds of thousands, of total attendees. One such event was held in Strasbourg, France by a group called Americans in Europe for Ron Paul. It was, chronologically, the first Tea Party event of the contemporary Tea Party era.
From that day, to this very day, there has been a consistent national activist movement that has fought against tyranny…Read the rest