Ballot Law Commission dismisses request to bar secessionists from running for (NH) state government

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(Concord Monitor) The Ballot Law Commission on Wednesday dismissed a complaint that sought to bar secessionists from running for state government.
The commission determined that it does not have jurisdiction over the question because it’s a matter related to the U.S Constitution and not an issue of state election law.
The decision comes after 13 state representatives voted in favor of New Hampshire’s secession from the United States last legislative session, some of whom are now seeking reelection.
Karen Steele of Atkinson had submitted the complaint, arguing that the state representatives who voted in favor of secession in the previous legislative session violated the 14th Amendment by aiding rebellion and insurrection. Steele said that violating the U.S. Constitution should be grounds for barring those representatives from running for or serving in state office…Read the rest