biden Admin Welds Arizona Border Wall Gates Open

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(Breitbart) – A media report revealed that Biden administration officials welded border wall gates open near Lukeville, Arizona. The open gates allow migrants to freely walk through the border wall and into the Arizona desert.

Border Patrol officials admitted responsibility for a decision to weld open flood gates in sections of border wall near Lukeville, the New York Post reported. The admission reportedly came after the agency attempted to blame other federal agencies for the action that allows thousands of migrants to freely cross into what is now the nation’s busiest border sector.

The Tucson Sector led the nation in migrant apprehensions in July. The apprehension of nearly 40,000 migrants represents an increase of nearly 136 percent over July 2022. The sector is in second place in year-to-date apprehensions following the arrest of nearly 274,000 migrants — an increase of 59 percent over the same period last year, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports.

“We thought the agents were going to say something to us,” an Ecuadorian migrant told the Post. “But we just got in.”

A Cuban migrant added, “It was so easy to get into the United States. Nothing like our trip through Mexico. That part was difficult. I thought there was going to be more security.”

The gates were installed in the border wall construction to allow monsoon…

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