Constant Repetition Don’t Make The LIE True! Red State Economies DO NOT Depend On Blue State Taxes

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(Ryan McMaken, The Mises Wire) When Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called (again) for “national divorce” this week, a common retort among her detractors on Twitter was to claim that so-called red states are heavily dependent on so-called blue states to pay for pretty much everything. Reporter Molly Knight claimed, for example, that “Red states get their money for roads and cops and schools from blue states. You cut off that gravy train and you e [sic] got a third world country.”

Others claimed that red states would be “entirely broke” without blue states. America’s social democrats have apparently fully gone over to pushing the narrative that the “red states” are poor and backward while the “blue states” are productive and economically sophisticated.

The implication here is that red states would never survive any sort of separation from the blue states because the red states would then miss out on the presumably large amounts of free money.

Unfortunately for these critics, the data doesn’t really back them up. While it is certainly true that a handful of red states receive much more in federal spending than their residents pay in federal taxes, this is not at all the situation across most red states. This is especially not the case in states with states with larger metropolitan areas such as Florida and Texas.

The real story is more complicated, and to see the details, we can look at state-by-state comparisons…

No, Red State Economies Don’t Depend on a “Gravy Train” from Blue States | Mises Wire