Could blue survive without red???

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(American Thinker) We are all Americans. That said, there have been efforts for years to divide us for perceived political reasons. Those who live in the bigger cities often tend to look down their noses to those who don’t. We have become a Blue America and a Red America. I personally believe that the colors are reversed, but maybe that’s just me. A good representation of red vs. blue can be seen on the 2020 election map by counties.

It has gotten so bad that there are discussions of secession and even civil war, God forbid. It would be difficult to have states against states. The real conflict appears to be larger cities versus the rest of America. The Islanders arrogantly call it flyover country. Call it whatever, but most of America itself is a sea of red with blue islands.

An interesting question might be who could better survive without the other.

What do most of the Blue Islands provide for America? California provides a lot of fruits and vegetables, although not as much as before. Many of our financial centers are on the larger Islands, but some have already moved out to Sea, and it would be simple for others to follow or simply set up new ones. Most larger cities are on Blue Islands. One of their major byproducts is crime, but let’s focus on products we need to survive.

The vast majority of our food is grown and produced in our Sea of Red. A substantial part of our manufacturing is in the Sea of Red, and more is coming.

Cars and trucks are made…

Could blue survive without red? – American Thinker