Court Sides With Anti-TEXIT Rep In Defamation Case Signaling Nasty #TEXIT Battle Ahead

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(TNM) – The Texas Nationalist Movement remains steadfast in its commitment to the TEXIT cause, despite the recent outcome of the defamation case against Rep. Jeff Leach.

While the verdict may not have been in our favor, the courage and determination of Ms. McComb and Paul Davis in championing this case have shone a spotlight on the importance of free expression and the right of Texans to voice their opinions without the shadow of unfounded allegations.

Daniel Miller, the president of the TNM, emphasized the significance of the case’s revelations. “Rep. Leach was cornered into admitting that advocating for TEXIT is neither actual treason nor sedition. This admission was pivotal for the court’s decision to dismiss the case,” Miller remarked.

The outcome of this case does not deter the TNM’s mission or dampen our enthusiasm. We remain resolute in our pursuit of an independent Texas, drawing strength from the challenges we face.

Paul Davis, McComb’s attorney, reflected on the challenges of the case, highlighting the Texas Supreme Court’s Dickson opinion, which set a challenging precedent. Despite the hurdles, Davis remains proud of the arguments presented. He emphasized, “The Texas Supreme Court’s Dickson opinion made it very difficult to win this type of case by imposing an unrealistic standard of what the ‘reasonable person’ in today’s society would actually…

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