Daylight savings time is an idea that belongs in the past

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(AOL) What does daylight saving time really save? Not aggravation or inconvenience. It causes them.

Then what does it serve? Confusion and irritation, as we’re forever in a state of springing forward and falling back. The only people who don’t have this problem are the residents of the handful of American states and territories that don’t observe it, or those who have given up on clocks entirely and rely on their cellphones and other electronics to keep them timely and prompt.

And in these highly partisan times in which we live, breathe, sleep and fight, one of the few issues that seem to have bipartisan support is staying on the same time all year long. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida recently reintroduced his Sunshine Protection Act of 2023, which he first proposed in 2018. The legislation would end standard time. Or as Rubio put it in statesmanlike fashion: “This ritual of changing time twice a year is stupid.”…

Changing the clock for daylight saving time is an idea that belongs in the past | Opinion