How About #TEXIT – Abbott Talks About The “Texas Of Tomorrow”

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(Texian Partisan) Governor Abbott penned an editorial in the Dallas Morning News on Monday in which he pitched his vision of the “Texas of Tomorrow.”  

Governor Abbott started his piece with this quote: 

“Ever since the first pioneers settled our extraordinary land, Texas has been the frontier of a brighter tomorrow, a state filled with opportunity as vast as our horizon. As lawmakers gather in the Texas Capitol for the start of the 88th Legislature, we are blessed with the opportunity to work toward building an even brighter future.”

I believe that spirit of frontier and opportunity is alive and well.  Texas independence is really nothing more than an expression of freedom, opportunity and potential after all.  Texas nationalists also look forward to “building an even brighter future.”  We also are counting on the 88th legislature to do their part, by passing the Texas Independence Referendum Act.  If you haven’t yet called your legislators, now’s a good…

Abbott Talks About The “Texas Of Tomorrow” | Texian Partisan