Human Smugglers Abandon Migrant Children in Heatwave Along Texas Border

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(Breitbart) – Texas Department of Public Safety troopers rescued two young migrant children who had been abandoned in a brushy area by human smugglers along the Rio Grande border with Mexico. The children, who are four and seven years old, only had a sheet of paper with a contact number for two relatives in Alabama.

The incident occurred this week near Eagle Pass, Texas, where human smugglers had left a four-year-old boy and his seven-year-old sister near the Rio Grande. According to information released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the two children were from Chiapas, Mexico. In a 24-hour span, troopers deployed under Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star found two more abandoned children near Eagle Pass, one of the busiest human smuggling corridors into Texas, despite the life-endangering heat wave experienced during the past month.

Due to the lack of physical barriers at the border and the complicity of Mexican authorities, human smugglers have turned the state…

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