If Florida is so bad, Why are Blue-staters moving there in droves?

(That shrill msdnc harpy joy reid is at it again spewing libtard talking points and smears that are divorced from reality. How does she even keep a job? She’s wrong more than the weather man – DD)
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Joy Reid claims DeSantis has turned Florida into a ‘modern-day version of Jim Crow’
Reid had also attacked Georgia’s new voting law as ‘Jim Crow’ despite record turnout following its passage

(FOX) MSNBC’s Joy Reid labeled Florida the "modern-day version of Jim Crow" during her opening monologue on "The ReidOut" Wednesday.
Reid launched into a lengthy attack on Florida as run by the Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, "We begin tonight with Florida, which I would argue, even with Texas existing, has emerged as the modern state in this country that comes the closest to a modern-day version of Jim Crow."
"Just hear me out," she continued. "If there’s a state that better exemplifies the rot of MAGA Republican rule than the state of Florida that the governor has named in very Orwellian fashion ‘the free state of Florida,’ I honestly don’t know what it is."…
Reid has frequently accused DeSantis of leading a White nationalist movement in his state based on his conservative policies, such as the Parental Rights in Education bill, which Reid and other media members labeled "Don’t Say Gay."…
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